Itinerary into art

It is a luck that the “Old Town” in Lodi is a pedestrian area: only by walking it is easier to look around and to fully enjoy details that the speed of traffic would otherwise hide to our sigth. Let’s walk into this town, which still shows traces of its Romanesque-gothic origin, risen in 1158 thanks to the Emperor Frederick Ist of Schwaben, better known as “Barbarossa” ( Red Beard), on the ruins of the ancient Laus.

The architectural beauties of the town are many churches, ancient buldings, stress, squares: it is difficult to choose where to start telling such a rich and important history.

The Cathedral

The construction of the Cathedral, , an imposing three-aisle and cross-vault church, started in 1160: the façade is in bricks and it is decorated by a 16th century rose window and by windows in the style of the architect Bramante. The lions at the main entrance clasp in their paws a lamb and an eagle with snake respectively. Remarkable sculptures, transported into the church from Lodi Vecchio ( Old Lodi) and older than the Cathedral itself, are: The last supper, between the crypt’s doors and the statue of San Bassiano ( the town’s patron saint) in embossed and golden copper on the third column on the left; a bronze copy stands in its original place in the niche in the façade. The Saint is buried in the crypt; every year on 19th January his tomb is open and his body is visited by the faithful of the town.

Among the most interesting paintings: Alberto Piazza’s triptych “ Our Lady of the Assumption” ( 1508-1517) and Callisto Piazza?s polyptich “ The Slaughter of the Innocents” ( 1529-1533). San Bassiano’s treasure is kept in the Museo Diocesano (Museum of The Cathedral), a monstrance and the Saint’ baldachin are among the most precious objects of the treasure.

Piazza della Vittoria (Victory Square)

It is Lodi’s major square, heart of business and leisure time, open to everyone: the old and the young like gathering in the square to watch and participate the historical, religious and civil together, with enthusism and support the town’s quarter, challenging each other in the main square, with sport competitions and games, like in the past.

All houses in the square have porches with columns, and date back to different times and styles; the effect is beautiful and made even more suggestive by the paving in the river stones ( common in the town centre), so different from the coldness of the asphalt and neon lights.

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